Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason received an honorary doctorate from the University of Westminster in London on Sunday -- 50 years after first enrolling at the school, which was then known as Regent Street Polytechnic.

Mason started at the school in 1962, studying architecture, and while there he met his future Floyd mates Roger Waters and Richard Wright. He dropped out during his final year to concentrate on the band.

Mason says, "Studying at the Regent Street Polytechnic introduced me to some of the key people and biggest collaborators in my career, many of whom I have been lucky enough to work with over the last 40 years.  Three members of Pink Floyd met there, so in essence we were formed under the roof of the Polytechnic; we rehearsed in the common room in the basement and made some of our first performances there. Not only did studying architecture teach us some useful stuff, but it also gave us an opportunity to develop and put us in touch with some fantastic mentors and industry contacts that have helped us along the way."