Acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard's recent radio play based on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon will be released on CD worldwide on November 25th.

He says, “When The Dark Side of the Moon was a new album in 1973, a friend of mine walked into my room where I was working with a copy in his hand and said ‘You really have to do a play about this album.’ So, when, roughly 39-and-a-half years later, Jeff Smith from BBC Radio 2 asked me if I’d like to do some kind of play around the 40th birthday of the album, it really wasn’t a very difficult decision.” The play was broadcast on the BBC this past August.

The project has the full blessing of Pink Floyd, with David Gilmour saying, “I found the script of Tom’s play fascinating; I can’t think of a better way to celebrate The Dark Side of The Moon’s 40-year anniversary.” And Nick Mason adds, "I love it. If anyone is going to mess with the crown jewel of albums, Tom is a very good choice.”