Peter Frampton has announced a November 13th release date for his new The Best Of Frampton Comes Alive 35 album. Frampton, who revisited the album on tour in 2011 and 2012, has been going sifting through the tapes with a fine tooth comb to select to perfect versions for the live set, which features all the tracks from the original 1976 double album -- plus the additional cuts performed during the original shows, but scrapped at the time due to time constraints. Also included is the second half of Frampton's shows, featuring deep album cuts, newer tracks -- as well as a dip or two into his Humble Pie catalogue.

Frampton posted an update on his Facebook page, saying, "The pf Best Of FCA35 CD is in final mixing stage by engineer, Ashley Shepherd here in Cincinnati, OH. We have four more toons to choose and then mix. I never want to hear these songs again -- by me anyway!!! 116 shows to choose from and even with the detailed log we kept as we went of which nights we as a band preferred, listening to 38 versions of 'Do You Feel. . .' is a tad bit time consuming. BUT I have found some really great musical moments from everyone in the band. 30 tracks -- two CD's. Available November 13th with or without the FCA35 DVD."

Frampton told us that his legendary black Les Paul was a warhorse onstage and unlike today when due to various tunings, he can go through half a dozen guitars during a single show, the guitar had to handle everything Frampton threw at it: "We didn't have more than one guitar in those days, y'know. If you wanted another guitar, you sold the one you had to get another one (laughs). So it was only. . . I think I had a white backup Les Paul -- that was about it. And nobody really had backups of things -- that was it. I think if there was different tuning for 'Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)' I would do it before the number onstage by myself. I don't tune myself anymore; I have someone I pay to do that (laughs) -- fancy schmancy, yeah!"