Paul McCartney recalls that he, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr resented Yoko Ono's presence at the Beatles' recording sessions starting in 1968. McCartney talked about the situation to Q magazine and remembered the band being "cheesed off" at Yoko's sudden entry into their inner circle, remembering, "Because we'd been such a tight-knit group, the fact that John (Lennon) was getting pretty serious about Yoko at that time, I can see now that he was enjoying his new found freedom and getting excited by it. But when she turned up at the studio and sat in the middle of us, doing nothing I still admit now that we were all cheesed off."

McCartney added that he and Yoko have discussed the how intrusive her presence was for the rest of the Beatles, explaining that in the end, good things came out of it, but saying "we certainly did not think that (back then)."

Paul McCartney felt that the deeper Lennon fell for Yoko the more clear it became to him that the Beatles' days were numbered: "When John hooked up with Yoko so, sort of, intensely; that was obviously -- it was kind of obvious that there could be no looking back after that. Y'know, he. . . I always felt that he had to clear the decks of us in order to give her enough attention."

Despite the tension between McCartney and Yoko over the years, in his recent book, titled McCartney, author Christopher Sanford uncovered a first-hand source that alleges that in 1966, prior to hooking up with Lennon, Yoko and McCartney were actually romantically linked. Sanford's unnamed source places himself at McCartney's London townhouse throughout the duration of a social call by Yoko.

Sanford says that judging from McCartney's taste in women alone, it's not too far fetched to believe that the affair took place: "He was known for his attraction to women who were not necessarily, shall we say, traditionally good looking. And we have the source I mentioned, who says that (Paul and Yoko) displayed notable affection for each other. They went up the stairs, and he was seen hugging and squeezing her as she left later that afternoon."