Facebook has become so much more than just a place I go to connect with friends and post some fun pictures. It's become a news source (how many of you went to your Facebook pages during the storms that hit Sioux Falls Thursday?)

A couple of friends had shared a video of a street musician and said it was worth the watch. Wow what an understatement!

Mariusz Goli is a street musician born and raised in Poland. The video I saw was shot on the streets of Katowice, where apparently people are either unimpressed by musical prowess or Poland has a vast, untapped wealth of incredible musicians, because I found it hard to stop watching.

There is a website for Goli, however it basically is just a place to link to his You Tubes and Facebook page. It says busking is a way of life for him. It's what he enjoys, having that immediate, intimate contact with the people he plays for after picking up the guitar at 15.

If you are a fan of musicianship, no matter the genre of music, take a few minutes to watch the video below. Unbelievable talent!