According to new research, the people of Ohio use the worst language when it comes to phone calls between customers and businesses.

Using “Call Mining” technology, advertising firm Marchex analyzed more than 600,000 calls to businesses in 30 industries and discovered customers from Ohio were the most likely to use profanity, with one out of 147 callers using a swear word.

Following Ohio in the salty language department were Massachusetts (2nd), Arizona (3rd), Texas (4th) and Virginia (5th).

Those least likely to curse during conversations were the people of Washington state, with only out of 301 callers there using profanity.

Other findings:

•South Carolina callers were the most likely to say "please" and "thank you" during calls.

•People in Wisconsin were the least likely to use polite language.

•Men were most likely to curse – 66% of calls involving swearing were placed by men.

•The calls that contained the most cursing were more than 10 minutes long.

Apparently they didn't poll any %#*^& South Dakotans, Iowans and Minnesotans!

(Forbes, UPI)