It’s now hunting season for Ted Nugent as he is back home in Texas after wrapping up his Black Power tour.

He says the tour is “now just a psychosymatic stain. And what a lovely stain it is. This tour was indeed the greatest tour of my life. And that is REALLY saying something, because every tour since the 1960s has been the best tour of my life! Every guitar player dreams of surrounding themselves with a band like mine, and no band in the history of music has been tighter, more energized, fire breathing, passionate, insane, delirious and FUN than my band. They put absolutely everything they got into every song, every concert, every night, and I SALUTE them and THANK them for helping me create this incredible American soundtrack of sensually stimulating freedom, fun and defiant dance and soul music. You boys deserve me and vice versa.”

And he has not forgotten the fans, saying, “Most of all a double live Gonzo salute to my fellow R&B and R&R soul music addicts and fun gluttons across the hinterlands for bringing such ferocious intensity to every gig every night. Clearly, real honest to God music lovers still abound and it sizzles the cockles of my very being to know we are still alive and well. God bless and Godspeed to you all. May you keep the spirit of American music roaring in your soul, and may you all have the greatest hunting season of your lives, just like I am!”

Nuge plans to be back on the road next summer.