Nighttime rainfall has to be one of the greatest blessings.  Rain after sunset usually doesn’t ruin any plans and does the most benefit to plants.

Thus picking up some precipitation late Tuesday night is a boost for the Sioux Falls area.  A graphic from the National Weather Service does a fantastic job of gathering the cross-section of rainfall amounts received in the tri-state area.  Click on the link here.  It will show that Madison hit the biggest jackpot for rain.  Sioux Falls officially got .19 inches of rain yesterday, but an area northeast of Brandon got over 1.5 inches of rain.

The new drought monitor will come out tomorrow so the recent totals will not be included, but unless there is a deluge on Saturday May will be a bit short of average moisture.  Including last night’s total, precipitation is about 2 inches behind the normal rainfall that we usually get in Sioux Falls for the month.