The people who set the hunting seasons in Minnesota have decided their state will have no moose hunting season this year.

And the reasons given in an Associated Press story are disturbing.

Seems our neighbor to the east has fewer moose--far fewer.

When they counted the moose by air, they came up with fewer than 2,800.

And that's not many, considering they had around 4,200 last year, and the 2012 number was about half the total in 2006.

Work is going on to determine why moose are less plentiful, but some theories involve parasites, disease or warmer weather.

Regardless of the reasons, it just seems disturbing, so let's hope the Minnesota moose can rebound. Not so they can have a hunting season, although I'm sure that's a big deal for some folks.

It just seems that a state known for its moose population should have a moose population to be known for.