Founding KISS members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss have basically given the middle finger to co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons by not participating in the official KISS documentary, You Wanted the Best You Got the Best.

Director Alan G. Parker says, “Gene and Paul were shocked at first, but now they don’t seem to be. There’s been so much bitchiness down the years, and so much said about and done to Ace and Peter that they interpreted the request to be in the movie as a favor to Gene and Paul. Because of that they won’t go anywhere near it. The negotiations were interesting, to say the least.”

But fear not -- they’ll still be in the film. Before current guitarist Tommy Thayer joined the band, he would oversee many of their archival projects, and he gave Parker footage of Peter and Ace from a previously planned documentary that never saw the light of day. Simmons says, “The results won’t be sugar-coated. Alan has 100 percent freedom to present us the way he sees fit, and if that makes us look like capitalist pigs, then so be it. It’s exactly what I am –- I will charge you for everything I do.”

Parker says he has five more interviews to do and hopes to premiere the film at the Cannes Film Festival in May, followed by theaters in the fall.