Stevie Nicks says that she and former lover Lindsey Buckingham are in the best place they've been in decades. The former couple, who split during the making of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 blockbuster Rumours album, have often been at odds all while recording and touring the world together. A recent four day overdub session at Buckingham's Bel Air home studio did even more to break the ice, with Nicks revealing to The Guardian, "We spent 80 percent of our time talking just like this, telling my assistant Karen all the crazy stories of everything that's happened to us from 1966 until now. We laughed and we laughed -- and we probably cried a couple of times. It was very cathartic. And I think that we came a long way during those four days."

Nicks explained that in some ways, their long dormant love affair is able to come to life within the confines of the concert stage: "People love to see people in love. Not that we're in love, but we have been in love and we have that on stage. And if we're getting along and we're happy with each other, that part comes out."

Back in 2009, Nicks came clean as to when she really, truly, finally knew it was over between her and Buckingham, telling MTV: "The day his first child was born. I knew that was it. . . that was the definitive thing."

Lindsey Buckingham says the move into becoming a father in the late-'90s immediately took precedence over his music, or whether it was a gradual process that he had to adjust to: "I found myself in the situation before I was fully acclimated to it, I think, y'know? It just . . . It didn't sink in right away because old patterns do die hard. I can't say that I remember a particular moment, but I do know that one of the great joys and comforts of being a father in particular -- and a spouse as well -- is that you sort of have this biological imperative that you know that you would put them first in any situation."

Stevie Nicks will team up with country stars Lady Antebellum for an upcoming episode of CMT Crossroads scheduled to air later this year.

Fleetwood Mac kicks off their 2013 rehearsals next month in Los Angeles. The band will launch its 34-date North American tour on April 4th at Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena.