What do you call your 'better half'? You know, the everyday pet name for your sweetheart.

For me, just by habit without thinking, I automatically call my wife 'Honey'. Don't laugh, but I even have her listed on my cell phone as Honey.

When my phone rings and Honey lights up on it, I answer in a sweet voice because it's my honey calling. I probably call her by this nickname, at home and so on, at least 100 times a day.

If I would address her by her real name, she would likely take offense to it thinking I was unhappy with her. In our relationship that's her name. And just for the record, my name with her is also Honey.

Most everyone has a similar story about life with their spouse. But the nicknames vary a little bit.

Let's see what most people use. Here are the most popular 'pet names' for your sweetheart:

  • Honey, 65%  (Hey, finally, for once, I'm in the mainstream with the world)
  • Sweetie, 20%
  • Sugar, 11%
  • Cookie, 4%

There is also in some cases, a pet name used for torture purposes, but let's not go there.