Paul McCartney has confirmed that his new, still untitled, studio album will be released before the end of the year, according to Showbiz 411. McCartney talked about the album in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone as part of the magazine's fall music preview, likening the material to the Beatles' classic works, which spanned multiple genres over a single album side, recalling, "There would be something like 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road?' right next to 'Blackbird' or 'Something' next to 'I Want You (She's So Heavy).' I mean, we really ran the changes. This has turned out a little bit like that. . . The continuing thing that pulls it all together, I think, is the fact that it's me."

Paul McCartney's last mainstream studio album, 2007's critically acclaimed Memory Almost Full, debuted at Number Three on the Billboard 200 charts.
In 2008, McCartney's experimental album under the Fireman moniker, called Electric Arguments debuted at Number One on the Top Independent Albums chart.