This is the instance where the topic will not bow to the notion of everything being said and done.  Guns, mental illness and protection of children have been at the forefront recently and granted they need to be addressed.

However, can we step away from what needs to be done?  Let’s talk about what is.  Our children should be the focus for a while.  They are more than just a photograph or a name on a registry at school.  Children are people with lives that even though they have not lived nearly as long as some of us, they have value.  How much is a smile worth, a laugh or a memory?  These children are a piece of you.  We hope that they will eventually take that portion and send it along to your grandchildren and to the future generations.  Take some time today and reflect upon the children in your house, on your block or the ones you pass by and look you in the eye.  It is an open window toward immeasurable promise.

After reading these words, post your thoughts.  Make it a permanent account of love to your children that they would be proud to read.