Neil Young did his smallest show ever in Australia Wednesday night -- and it was all for the cameras.

Young and Crazy Horse set up shop in Plenary Hall in Melbourne. The show wasn't on his Alchemy Tour schedule and was billed as a special event, as he was filming it for a new movie. Based on the set list, the film could end up being billed as Rust Never Sleeps Two, the sequel to his 1979 concert film with Crazy Horse.

Someone who saw the show described it as one of Young's "most ferocious shows ever... I challenge any musician even two thirds younger than 67-year-old Neil Young to go a few rounds with him on stage. He would destroy you musically." The show, in front of 5000 people, clocked in at three hours, and he tossed in such rarities as "Barstool Blues," which he's done just three times since 1996, and "Danger Bird," last played in 2004.

Neil Young's Wednesday night set list for the cameras:

1.Love and Only Love
3.Born in Ontario
4.Walk Like a Giant
5.Hole in the Sky
6.Heart of Gold
7.Twisted Road
8.Singer Without a Song
9.Ramada Inn
10.Cinnamon Girl
11.Cortez the Killer
12.Danger Bird
13.Barstool Blues
14.Prisoners of Rock and Roll
15.Opera Star
16.My My Hey Hey
17.Sedan Delivery
18.Like a Hurricane