I think we've all played the friendly game of naked hide and seek. Now that I think of it, I guess I never have.

I've done the hide and seek thing. And I admit I've been fully nude a few times. But I haven't put the two things into the same game.

Further, I have never crawled into a washing machine. Nor have I crawled into any of my home appliances naked.

Now let's look at our friend in Australia. Well let's not look at him, we'll just talk about him.

The 20-year old man had been playing a classic game of nude hide and seek when he stumbled upon what seemed like an ideal hiding place, a washing machine.

Unfortunately, he was unable to emerge from the washer and his partner was forced to call emergency services to rescue the man. It took emergency crews about 20 minutes to free him.

Side note: They had to lube him up with oil. Folks, this is where I stop my story. I don't want to know any more. Don't mind me saying, but this story is getting a little strange.

Oh', one last thing, do nudist colonies have washing machines?