I've been an avid sportsman and hunter all of my life.  My wife avidly watches TV. Shows like "Investigation Discovery", "A Crime To Remember", "Nightmare Next Door", and about anything else on the Discovery Channel.

I've always assumed it was just entertainment.  Turns out she may have been doing research.

My wife had never shot a gun before in her life.  I don't thing she had ever held a gun in her life.  Last week she said wanted to go to the gun range.  In 30+ years of marriage this is the one phrase she had never spoken.

So after some at home gun safety training off we went to Gary's Gun Shop.  We secured the necessary target shooting pleasantries and made our way to the range.

After a few tips and going through a few clips it turns out that she is either a natural, a quick study, or I'm a really good instructor.  No matter,  she's good.  I have a new found respect for her.  I'm also sleeping a little bit lighter...