How do you go from making millions upon millions of dollars to....well, this?

Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton apparently had some expensive taste's through the years. His home, or rather, home's and belongings are now going through a bankruptcy sale. But according to the Associated Press, it's not all as easy as that!

(AP) - Wayne Newton's property is for sale, but it's so complicated it's uncertain what you'd be buying.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Newton's Casa de Shenandoah is on the market. An auction is set for May 31 with the approval of a bankruptcy judge.

Newton wanted to turn his property into a theme park and entered into an agreement with developer CSD. The company owns the property but Newton lives in one of the houses. The deal fell apart. Newton has appealed the sale order.

The three houses on the property have leases and Newton's Arabian horses have a right to graze on the land. The bankruptcy judge says trying to sell the property with such conditions will be challenging.