Your sweetheart is special. But Mom is number one in our hearts.

Where would we be without mom? Well, we wouldn't even be here.

Mother's day is coming up on Sunday. And mom is anticipating her big day, so let's not let her down.

She never let us down when we were crying in the middle of the night as a helpless baby. She never let us down thru the scrapes and bruises of growing up.

Here's the facts. Americans spend more on mom than they do on their sweetheart for Valentine's Day.

Between brunch, gift cards, gadgets, beauty supplies and jewelry, Americans will spend nearly $163 on Mother's Day gifts this year, according to a survey recently released by the National Retail Federation. That compares to $134 on Valentine's Day spending.

How about taking a look at some specific gift items. How about the big ticket stuff, like jewelry. We talked to Robin Nogelmeier at The Diamond Room in Sioux Falls. Here's what she had to say,

You may be surprised, but Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are not big for jewelry sales. Christmas is the big one. Comparing Mother's Day with Valentine's Day, they are about even. But neither one is anything like Christmas time for volume.

Another type of gift idea, is treating mom to a pampering. I mean, it's only right, look at all the pampering she gave you. We checked in with Becky at Vivaz Medical Spa also in Sioux Falls. Becky says,

Gift cards are huge for Mother's Day. Of all the things we offer, moms prefer the signature facials most of all!

We asked Becky how Mother's Day compared to Valentine's Day. She estimated them to be about even.

Total spending on Mother's Day is expected to reach $19.9 billion nationwide. That figure again from the National Retail Federation.

How much would I spend on my mom? Everything I had and then some, if she were alive today.