While we wait for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to decide if they will ever write their memoirs, we'll just have to settle for biographies written by third parties. The latest two come from Beatles archivist Mark Lewisohn and singer Greg Kihn.

Lewisohn's is the first of three volumes. Volume one is titled All These Years: Tune In and it covers everything up to December 31st, 1962. It will be out on October 10th.

Kihn's book is a novel featuring The Beatles. He came up with the idea for Rubber Soul based on interviews he did with Paul, Ringo, George Harrison's first wife, Patti, Yoko Ono and original Beatles drummer Pete Best. The book centers on the what could have happened scenario of "an alleged plot by Ferdinand Marcos loyalists to assassinate The Beatles in Manila, Philippines, after they snubbed the Marcos family, blowing off a reception at the palace and narrowly avoiding an international incident. It could have happened."

Rubber Soul will be published on September 3rd.