A 20-year old college student in Mankato, Minnesota has an internet video hit on his hands after taking pictures of a rabbit around their home that appears to have cancerous tumors and narrating it as "The World's Scariest Rabbit"

Gunnar Boettcher and his brother had seen the rabbit around, but in late June, they were able to get close enough to it to take several pictures and some video. They put it all together with Boettcher doing a mock 'Crocodile Hunter' accent and uploaded it to YouTube and Reddit where it became an internet sensation with a quarter million views.

Boettcher and a wildlife expert with Minnesota's DNR believe the wild rabbit has the papilloma virus, which is a form of cancer.

The comments on the video haven't been overly kind to Boettcher for not getting the rabbit veterinary help. But he disagrees saying it's not his responsibility to get cancer treatments for a wild animal. A representative for the DNR says they just plan to let nature take it's course.