Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger, who turns 70 years old today (July 26th). Jagger, will always be best known as being's rock's preeminent frontman and co-songwriter with partner Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones' greatest works.

The Stones returned to Hyde Park earlier this month for two performances on July 6th and 13th. The shows were the first time the group played the Park since their historic 1969 free concert only days after the death of ousted co-founder Brian Jones. During that performance, the band released hundreds of white butterflies in honor of Jones. Recently, Jagger was asked to compare the 1969 gig to the band's return to Hyde Park, telling NME, "Well the stage was less crowded. The funny thing is when you see the '69 one it's all your mates onstage sitting down. But this time I saw some of my kids sitting on the side of stage. It's like chalk and cheese really."

Jagger added: "It's in the same place so it's very memorable but when you get out there you don't really think about it. When you're there and you're getting ready, you take that in. But once you get out there, it's a gig, so you can't be thinking, 'Oh this is where we were last time,' or, 'That's the Post Office tower'. If you do that, you just blow everything. You can't think about reflections or where you are. The only thing you can do is concentrate on your performance."