I can't help it, I am such a M*A*S*H* fanatic that just the mention of the name "Ottumwa, Iowa" and I think of that iconic, sweet and shy, child/man company clerk Radar O'Reilly, because it was his hometown.

But now a strange occurrence in Radar's hometown will have people mentioning Ottumwa for a completely different reason. An Iowa couple, Brittany Songer, who is pregnant, and her boyfriend Cory Long stopped in to the McDonald's in Ottumwa and ordered up two McDoubles. Brittany offered a bite of her sandwich to her 2-year-old son, which he declined. She took a bite and got angry at her boyfriend, thinking he had done something to her burger.

She then opened the McDouble and saw that it was "covered with weed". Good thing the once again, soon-to-be Mom was familiar with what it looked like or she might have thought it was just spinach or something!!

Ottumwa Police are looking into the claims and samples of the couple's sandwiches were sent to the state crime lab. They expect drug test results in 2 months or so. (Yup, two months. I guess Iowa is even busier than we imagine!) They are trying to suss out who put the "alleged marijuana" on the sandwiches and why. Neither Brittany or Cory needed medical attention after eating the food, but they are threatening a lawsuit if it turns out that their McDoubles were McDoped!