Paul McCartney revealed that he narrowly escaped the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. McCartney, who'll be performing at the 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden benefiting the hurricane's victims, told The Sun that he too was nearly a victim of Sandy, explaining, "I actually just escaped Sandy. I was so jammy. I had taken my little one on holiday to the Bahamas. The day I was supposed to be leaving, they told me there was a storm blowing in. I'd just flown out of there and that evening the storm hit. I heard something like 28 people were killed. It was terrible. I just scraped out of that."

When asked about signing on to the 12-12-12 concert, McCartney hinted that some historic team-ups might be in store for the New York crowd: "(Producer) Harvey (Weinstein) asked if I'd like to do it, and I had a few ideas. I've got a couple of special moments up my sleeve."