Thinking of protesting the government shutdown by invading a National Park? It’ll cost you at least a $100 citation in Pennsylvania, where the National Park Service is cracking down on those hitting the trails at the Valley Forge National Historical Park.

John Bell recently attempted to go for a run on a public trail at Valley Forge, but was later met by two park rangers and a $100 citation. John said he was aware of the shutdown and added that the park’s main gate was closed but didn’t put two and two together because the trailhead he used wasn’t blocked.

John said, “Closing main gates, visitor’s centers and concession stands, I understand that. But shuttering the public from trails, trees and birds is excessive.”

We've heard stories of people ignoring the 'closed' signs at Mount Rushmore and other national parks around the area. Just be warned that a citation could be waiting for you for wanting to experience our national parks while the shutdown continues.