A ride sharing company now can claim another city. Sioux Falls' first official Lyft ride took place on Tuesday (October 24) at noon. The ride was hailed by Mayor Mike Huether and councilor Christine Erickson.

Lyft is a service that connects drivers and those looking for a ride. The driver receives a commission and is seen as an alternative to calling a cab.

What started as a working project between Sioux Falls staff, councilors and resident Greg LaFollette has launched the transportation network company quickly.

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After the state and city tax papers were secured, the next step was hiring drivers, which was expected to take several weeks. Instead Lyft in Sioux Falls was up and running in a matter of days.

“We are excited the great people of South Dakota will have yet another option for transportation. We are thrilled Lyft has decided to expand their market and check off the final state to their ride-sharing map,” says Councilor Christine Erickson.

The Lyft app is required to get a ride. Those who want to become drivers can apply on the app as well or on the Lyft website.

Lyft is in over 300 cities nationwide, providing more than 28 million rides per month.

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