Scott Holt's Loud is Good tour continues it's cross country road show with a stop at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls this Friday, April 26th.

Holt says Loud is Good isn't about cranking the volume to 11, it’s about a ‘spiritual loudness’ being proudly who you are and embracing music as an important and spiritual necessity of life.” Holt and drummer Tom Larson share the belief that music can change the world. It's evident in the way Holt lives his life and the music they release including the most recent release Kudzu. And it's evident in Larson's side project 'Wahida'

Holt says he grew up in a musical house, with both his parents singing in church, but he never made the connection that music was something you do for a living until he heard Jimi Hendrix. Holt was "18 or 19" when he heard Jimi and immediately went home to tell his parents that he needed to learn how to play the guitar 'right now'! To their credit, they bought in and got him that guitar.

Holt says he didn't know anything about the Blues at that point in his life and that it was a school friend that first heard it in him:

After Holt discovered the Blues, it was his dad that would change his life and truly set his career path by introducing him to Buddy Guy:

Holt would go on to spend a decade long 'apprenticeship' playing in Buddy's band:

I asked Scott if it was a difficult decision to leave Buddy's band and strike out on his own:

If you've ever seen a Buddy Guy concert, you see the pure joy and fun he has on stage (and off) I asked Scott to share his favorite Buddy story:

Holt doesn't use the same colorful language that his former boss does, but he definitely brings the same exuberance for performing that Guy does. Holt is very interactive with his audiences, often leaving the stage to play among them (or having THEM play!) I've seen him walk out of the bar while still playing and jam a killer solo in the middle of 8th Street. Holt is a PERFORMER, a storyteller, a fantastic guitar player and singer, and a genuinely nice guy.

Showtime is 9pm this Friday (April 26) at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls (921 E. 8th St). Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

The Scott Holt Band will be my in studio guests Friday afternoon around 2:30.