The world premiere of the Rolling Stones' legendary unreleased movie Charlie Is My Darling - Ireland 1965 will take place on Saturday night (September 29th) at the 50th New York Film Festival in Manhattan. The band's early manager and producer, Andrew Loog Oldham, will be in attendance. The band has just revealed the contents of the upcoming "Super Deluxe Box Set," which includes both DVD and Blu-ray discs featuring the new 2012 version of the film as well as the director's producer's cuts -- plus "significant unseen additional performance and other footage shot in Dublin and Belfast in September of 1965." The set will be released on November 6th.

The bonus content in the collection features two CD's; one featuring the film's newly created soundtrack album, which includes live tracks, audio from the film, and orchestral versions of Stones tracks -- and the second featuring 13 live recordings the band recorded during their 1965 UK tour, which featured the Stones' original lineup -- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, and Bill Wyman. Also included in the set is a 10-inch vinyl record of the live material, a 42-page hardcover book, along with a replica poster for the band's September 4th, 1965 Belfast date.

On the "Ask Keith" section of his website ( Keith Richards explained that back in the day the Stones realized that the road was littered with unbelievable talent that would never make it to the big time: "You'd pull up to some bar, and you'd (laughs) hear some of the most incredible pickers and band that you pass by in the night. You have a quick beer and a sandwich and you're back on the road. At the same time, the guys in the back of the room are playing some hot, hot stuff, y'know? I mean, so you, eventually you get to know that there's loads of you out there -- not everybody's gonna become a star. Y'know, that's another trick and it has to do with timing more than anything."