That's Little Feat's Paul Barrere on the right (with Anders Osborne at Sioux Falls JazzFest) Barrere continues to improve as he is treated for hepatitis C.

He's posted a note on the band's website saying, "I am presently in contact with three outfits offering different test trials of new Hepatitis C drugs, hoping one will take me on. The results I've heard about these treatments are very positive, so even if I don't get into a trial, they should be available to me the first part of 2014. In the meantime, we continue to monitor my liver on a regular basis, and so far so good. While this process goes on, I won't be doing any extended traveling."

Although Barrere won't be touring, he has been cleared to do some weekend shows with Little Feat's Fred Tackett. They have dates scattered between the end of this month and September.