Early Wednesday, Harold Timmerman is back at work in Lincoln County following massive flooding in the area.  Harold is the county's Emergency Management Director.

"We're gaining in Canton a little bit," Harold tells us.  "We finished pumping basements last night about 9 p.m.  There may be more of that today.  Right now, our big concern is the devastation of our roads and the thousands of acres of crop damage.  We've got several roads that are still covered with water.  Several that are washed out completely.  Getting around in this area is still a challenge."

Harold urges residents to be cautious while driving!

"A lot of these people were isolated for a period of time.  They need to get out for certain things and are finding ways to get around barricades and roads that are totally devastated.  It's going to be a challenge for a while here until the water goes down and we can actually do a formal damage assessment of everything that has happened during this last round of rain."

Unfortunately, Harold's work is far from over!  According to the National Weather Service southeast South Dakota could be in for more rain, large hail and gusty winds later today!