In 2007, millions entered a lottery for tickets to see Led Zeppelin's one-off reunion show in December of that year at London's O2 Arena. On Wednesday night, thousands will get to see what 20,000 saw that night as Celebration Day, the film documenting that historic night, is screened in more than 1,500 theaters around the world.

Looking back on that night, Jimmy Page says it was the first time that Zeppelin was able to do a show that was a complete retrospective of their recorded output. "I think we made a pretty good choice right across the board in the time that we had... I think it went well."

If you can't make it to a theater, you'll get a second chance on November 19th it's released on DVD, Blu-ray, CD, vinyl as well as digitally.

The last two premieres of Celebration Day were held this week with John Paul Jones attending the one in Berlin on Monday and Page in Tokyo Tuesday night.

Celebration Day track listing:

1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Ramble On
3. Black Dog
4. In My Time of Dying
5. For Your Life
6. Trampled Under Foot
7. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
8. No Quarter
9. Since I’ve Been Loving You
10. Dazed and Confused
11. Stairway to Heaven
12. The Song Remains the Same
13. Misty Mountain Hop
14. Kashmir
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Rock And Roll