It's back-to-school time.

That means lots of things, including the ever popular back-to-school nights, when mom and dad, and the student, get to sit down with the teacher and talk about expectations for the upcoming year, and look over some assignments from class so far.

Those can be an intense few moments as parents either bask in the glow of their budding little genius or shudder in horror as they try to search for an explanation of what they're seeing in front of them.

Recently, the Huffington Post featured a collection of some of the more memorable works by school kids.

These are my favorites:

Imgur/Huffington Post

She's got a lot figured out for 8 years old.

Reddit/Huffington Post

Makes sense when you see the picture.

Danette Mitchell Schller/Huffington Post

The jury is apparently still out on Piper.

Lori Leibovich/Huffington Post

That's how those nasty rumors about mom got started.

Keith YurgoskyHuffington Post

Redneck in training.

Joe Webb/Huffington Post

So true true.

Marianna Gidley/Huffington Post

Wonder where she learned that from?

Imgur/Huffington Post

Frankie is well on his way to being a reality TV star.

Huffington Post

That is a new word.

Caroline Sheppard/Huffington Post

Gotta love a mom who likes her 'birr'.

Thomas & Jamie Schull/Huffington Post

One extra 's' can make all the difference in the world.

Mike Moore/Huffington Post

You've been served dad.

John Chambers/Huffington Post

Nothing comes between her and her bacon.

Reddit/Huffington Post

Sometimes sounding it out isn't the best strategy.