By now you have probably heard about the former USD student who is suing his former frat house brother's  after a  drunken pledge auction incident went very wrong.   Here's a report from KELOLAND TV on the story.

For his portion of the pledge skit, Mathew Cronan was required to dance for sorority girls while the fraternity auctioned Cronan off as a date to the highest bidder. Each pledge was required to dance in a costume of an active member's choice, which, in Cronan case, was a revealing and embarrassing Speedo swimsuit, according to the documents.


During the build-up to his pledge skit, Cronan was encouraged to drink shots of hard liquor, a 40 ounce bottle of beer and other forms of alcohol. By the time Cronan was required to dance, he was nearly at a black-out state of intoxication, court documents state. Lab results taken at the hospital just a few hours later reveal that Cronan had a nearly fatal dose of alcohol in his system, with his blood alcohol content reported to be about 0.33, according to the documents.


After his dance was finished, Cronan, “Unaided, unsupervised and with a blood alcohol level over four times the legal limit, collapsed while walking up a flight of stairs, falling backward and landing hard on his head,” court documents state. Chapter members found Cronan lying on the landing, unconscious, unresponsive, and with blood trickling out of his ears.

Here's where it get's interesting.  Fast forward 3 years and Cronan has apparently decided to sue his frat brothers at Sigma Nu.  Where it really gets interesting, according to source's familiar with the situation Cronan used to brag that his Godfather is the infamous Kaeto Kaelin, a quirky and sometimes hostile witness in the O.J. Simspon Murder trial.

All of this is 'alleged,' but how would one make that kind of stuff up.  If it's true it's only a matter of time before this shows up on national television or at least some grocery store check out counter tabloid.