Kansas celebrated their 40th anniversary with a show Saturday in Pittsburgh that featured all but one member of the original line-up. Singer and violin player Robby Steinhardt was back in Florida recovering from a heart attack suffered the week before.

While Kansas is from Topeka, Kansas, it was Pittsburgh that first embraced them. The first set featured them backed by the Three Rivers Orchestra and such songs as “Point of Know Return,” “Song for America,” “Hold On” and “Dust in the Wind.” When intermission rolled around, that was also a show as drummer Phil Ehart said a few words; there was a video featuring such acts as Styx, Heart, Blue Oyster Cult and others congratulating them; and the soon-to-be released Kansas documentary was shown.

The second half was just the band, and naturally the song selection had more of an edge to it, including the finale of “Carry on Wayward Son” with a three-guitar attack from Richard Williams, David Ragsdale and founding member Kerry Livgren. And after the show, the band met with fans and signed an oversized commemorative ticket.

Point of Know Return
Song for America
On the Other Side
Nobody's Home
Hold On (w/Kerry Livgren)
Dust in the Wind
Cheyenne Anthem (Billy Greer on vocals)
The Wall (with Dave Hope on bass and Livgren on keyboard)

Can I Tell You
Journey from Mariabronn
Icarus II
Icarus -- Borne on Wings of Steel
Down the Road
Magnum Opus
Miracles Out of Nowhere (w/Hope)

Lonely Wind
He Knew
Fight Fire with Fire
Carry On Wayward Son (w/Livgren)