Joe Perry Tweets that he is grateful for all the compliments from his fans who watched him on Sons of Guns Wednesday night on Discovery.

Perry, a weapons collector, stopped by the Red Jacket firearms shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the show is filmed, to have a cannon he owns restored. While there, he and his wife Billie did some shooting, but Perry wants you to know that "handling firearms is a lot more difficult and dangerous than it seems. Be sure to take a gun safety course by a certified instructor."

Meanwhile, Aerosmith are filming the second video for their new album, Music From Another Dimension, this week in Los Angeles. This one is for the song "What Could Have Been Love." And the second behind-the-scenes making-of-the-album video has been posted on their website.

Aerosmith perform at the iHeart Radio Music Festival this weekend in Las Vegas. Music From Another Dimension comes out on November 6th.