With so many recordings readily available online, you seldom hear about artists going after bootleggers like we had in the past. But that’s not the case for Jimmy Page who has ordered his lawyers to have the Robert Plant and Jimmy Page: Live in Japan 1996 DVD pulled from HMV and Best Buy in Canada after he declared it to be pirated from a show they did close to 20 years ago.

The DVD had been supplied by Koch Entertainment, who, at one time, claimed it is legitimate and could legally be sold in Canada. They have not commented on this latest development. Both retail chains have pulled the DVD, which reportedly was filmed by Terry Stephenson, a Led Zeppelin fan who attended Page and Plant concerts around the world in the mid-'90s. He says he had permission to film the show, but that is was never meant to be sold.

Jimmy Page’s lawyer, George Fearon, says Page has "worked very hard over the years to develop a reputation in this business, and he wants to do what he can, when he can, to help enforce and protect the rights of himself and his colleagues. Jimmy is very meticulous about the quality of both audio and audio-visual recordings that represent his work."