I know I'm opening up a can of worms here, but keep in mind I'm just passing along information someone else gathered. Don't get me wrong either, I am a fan of Queen but I'll be honest, I'd never heard this song before. Then again, the survey from which this choice of song was derived was done only in Britain and well, you know, they're a little different over there!

According to this survey of 2,000 Brits by electronics company Alba, the title of "most feel-good song of all time" goes to the 1970's song, (drum roll please) Don't Stop Me Now by supergroup Queen. As Shaggy may have said to Scooby Doo back in the 70s, "Like zoinks Scoob!"

This new research claims to have distilled down a "feel-good formula for music"- which is, a fast tempo song with 150 beats per minute in a major key with happy lyrics. Apparently this song by Queen fills the bill, but they also admit that many other songs out there do also and they cited, ABBA's Dancing Queen and Billy Joel's Uptown Girl as other examples.

The other quantifier for a "feel-good" song is the positive associations we have with it, in other words, a great experience paired with a certain song really raises a song's potential to be a major mood lifter.

Patty Dee

My go-to "feel-good" tunes right now are Uptown Funk and Shut Up and Dance and yes they are associated with a very good memory. They were two songs we went crazy dancing to at Ben's daughter, Morgan's wedding reception.The whole event was a celebration of love, of life, of family and friends, it was amazing and will live in my heart and soul forever!

I'm sure you have your own, but for the sake of argument, check out Queen's song below.

Information on survey from HuffPost Science