In light of the recent met lab busts and arrests, Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says the drug is still in demand.

"It's pretty common.  This is something we've seen over the years.  The trend remains.  Meth is not going away despite all the law enforcement we have taken to eliminate it."

So, how do you spot a Meth Lab?  "The old days used to be a large assortment of bottles and cans.  These days there is a new method to make it.  One of the common ways is just using a pop bottle---20 ounce bottle---a small plastic bottle with a lid on it.  The main thing to look for is the liquid separating itself into two different types (kind of oil and water.)   A bottle might have pellets in it or metal strips which is the lithium part of a battery that's been taken apart."

Clemens urges residents to report meth activities.  "If you see the makings of a meth lab, call police.  If you don't want your name to be out there, you can always contact Crime stoppers.  That's completely anonymous."