I read so many Facebook and Twitter posts where my friends are having a hard time sleeping. I have had this problem as well. My mind races, I can't shut down, I am thinking about stuff that is happening in my life or the next day. It's frustrating and annoying. I have used Tylenol PM or other night time aids so I can at least get drowsy, even with having no pain.

A couple years back I had a hypnotist do a show at the bar I owned and he gave me one of his Cd's to try. I couldn't believe how well it relaxed me and cut my fall asleep time by more than half! Many times it would take me more than 30 minutes for me to fall asleep and now it is many times less than 10 minutes and I am out!

I have always had an interest in hypnosis. I find it fascinating. The mind is crazy thing. I love how I can use this CD and naturally put myself to sleep instead of putting some pills down my throat.

After having my 7 year old daughter diagnosed with ADD/ADHD she sometimes has a hard time sleeping, after her noticing me using the CD to fall asleep she asked if she could use it. Of course I said yes! It's safe for children and natural and helps her day go better when she gets some rest at night. The days where she doesn't sleep well her teacher tells me she is emotional and her focus is even worse.

I have been using the Hypnosis Cd's for years and I encourage you to try it if you are having sleeping issues. If I don't have the CD available, I do self hypnosis and it works like a charm!

Dakota Hypnosis here in Sioux Falls offers a CD you can use. I actually voiced the intro on it. Added bonus it talks about being confident and calm in the CD and who doesn't want that?!

Sweet Dreams!