A Houston landmark is putting the word "home" in "homebrew." A house, which for many years belonged to John and Mary Milkovisch, is covered in beer cans. And not the way your house might be covered in beer cans after a party or a football Sunday gathering. The house is literally sided in used beer cans.

John and Mary enjoyed a six-pack each day after work and never threw away the cans. John saved them, and in the '70s when homeowners began using aluminum siding, he decided to follow suit, only using the much less expensive cans. He cut them open, flattened them out and nailed them all around the outside of the house. The home is covered in an estimated 50,000 beer cans.

10 years ago, The Beer House, as it's now known, was bought by a non-profit art group, which restored it and opened it to the public.

(ABC News)