Last year Gordon Ramsay, my wife and I had the chance to stay at the Calumet Inn in Pipestone Minnesota during the taping of Hotel Hell.  We did have different rooms and apparently very different experiences.

We spent the night at the Inn, dined in the restaurant, had some beverages in the bar, and chatted with Rina, Vanda, & their dad who are the owners of the Calumet.

To be quite honest we found everyone to be delightful!  Gordon Ramsay didn't have the same experience.

FOX TV describes Monday's episode this way:

Gordon Ramsay travels to Pipestone, MN, in a frustrating attempt to save a once-historic Midwestern hotel for two stubborn sisters. The Calumet Inn was given to Rina and Vanda as a gift from their father. But little did he know that his gift would become so problematic for the girls. With every member of the family unhappy, the sisters are forced to make a decision – should they shut down the hotel, sell it or hand over the responsibility of running it to a proper general manager? Find out if Ramsay can restore the historic inn in the all-new “Calumet Inn” episode of HOTEL HELL airing Monday, Aug. 18 at 7pm on FOX TV.

The film crew did follow us around a bit and taped us doing some different things.  I don't have any idea if any of that footage will be used or not.  But I do know I will be watching!  How about you?

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