• 10

    Hey, way to go. You did it!

    This will go great with that frozen bag of peas on your lap.

  • 9

    Thanks. Hey...wait a minute!

    Said the man who will never date again...

  • 8

    Pretty much tells it all.

    Something tells me I shouldn't eat a slice of this cake.

  • 7

    Happy Birthday, Princess.

    This might be payback for not proofreading your homework, Arika.

  • 6

    Happy 40th Birthday!

    As if turning 40 wasn't hard enough.

  • 5

    I feel I owe you an apology. Now if you'll excuse me.

    Would have loved to see the bakery cake decorator's face when THIS order came in.

  • 4

    Well, this will lighten the mood.

    "Sorry, we forgot to explain the birds and the bees. Would some cake help?"

  • 3

    What...no juice box?

    "Thanks, honey. The little heart was such a nice touch."

  • 2

    This might come as a small shock, but...

    "Oh, someday we'll all have a good laugh over this...right?"

  • 1

    Pretty sure it's not a rum cake.

    When you need a good laugh at an intervention.