Apparently too many of us have been using our naughty finger to wave to our neighbors.  So today has been proclaimed National "Wave At Your Neighbors With All Five Fingers" Day.

For those of you who didn't grow up here, once you get into the rural areas you'll most likely come across what's called the "gravel road wave."  This is where you wave to someone by raising either one finger, or four fingers, as you're passing each other on a gravel road.

The one finger wave involves the pointer finger on the hand that's on the steering wheel.  The four finger wave involves not only the pointer finger, but also the middle, ring and pinky fingers.

I've even seen people go as far as to actually take their entire hand off the steering wheel to wave hello.  It's rare, but you'll run across it from time to time.

During the hot, summer months, once in a while you'll even see someone who has their pickup window rolled down and they have their free hand resting on the rear view mirror.  Just so you're aware, same rules apply - wave with either one or four fingers.

And I should point out, all of this depends on where you live.  Each community seems to have it's own version of the "gravel road wave."  In these parts though, it's usually done with only the one finger - and not the naughty one.