The devastation was indescribable. The October 'Blizzard' that western South Dakota endured earlier this fall left behind incredible losses to the cattle industry.  Some ranchers were nearly wiped out.  In one storm.

There's been all kinds of talk, like 'how could that happen,' or 'why should that happen' in today's day and age.  Truth is, when mother nature let's go a loud scream, people finally take note and pay attention. Try to imagine what it must have been like to be a farmer or rancher during that storm knowing, 'there's nothing we can do.'

Financial.  Psychological. Devastating to say the least.  But leave it to ranchers from around the area to step up and step in and lend a hand.  They're doing just that with a program called 'Heifers for South Dakota.'

There's only one way to build the herds back up, that's with females. Ranchers have started a Facebook Page called Heifers for South Dakota. 

It's an impressive page and program and they are already well on their way to making sure their ranching brethren aren't left out and forgotten.

As you take a look at the page, it's hard to not read some of the posts. Some of them will knot your stomach up, like this one left on Veteran's Day.

As we close in on next week's big shipments we are hoping for over 650. It's very attainable and we believe it will happen.
An organizer was recently called into the local veteran's hospital with the knowledge that one of the residents was wanting to donate to our cause. It was an especially poignant moment when he wrote with his finger, for he could no longer speak, that he wanted to personally meet a worker who was giving so much of her time to help others without expecting anything in return. As he gave of his own finances to bless those who have lost so much, we know that our work in this is a bit like the lifestyle which he lived everyday. Giving of oneself for the betterment of others.

May God Bless each and every one of our veterans. We are striving to exemplify the type of America which you fought to protect.

And, it's not just South Dakota helping out. Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado are helping and how about this post from Montana.

Shipping plans continue to come together. We'll be posting pictures of some of the donated cattle tomorrow. Stay tuned for there are some dandies.

A rancher from the Sheridan, region of Wyoming, called us a few weeks back with the desire to give some beautiful F1 Baldies (half Hereford and half Black Angus). It seems that she and her late husband have donated over 100 head of these outstanding cattle over the last several years. Her love is her cows, whom she spends the majority of everyday with. It is not lightly that they are parted, nor is it lightly that they shall be received, the five head she has pledged will be some of the best calves given.

God Bless you ma'am, you are making a difference.

Bad things do happen to good people.  But isn't it amazing to see the resiliency and cooperation of this group of people.

We could all learn from their example.  When our brothers and fellow man are down, it's our job to lend a hand and to help out where we can.