Out today (October 2nd) is Heart's 14th studio set, Fanatic. The album -- which comes on the heels of their new autobiography, Kicking And Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul And Rock And Roll, along with their career-spanning box set, Strange Euphoria -- is their followup to 2010's Red Velvet Car, which peaked at Number 10 on the Billboard 200.

Nancy Wilson told us that for Fanatic, the band definitely wanted to cross harder edged material with personal introspection. One of the standout tracks on Fanatic is "Dear Old America," which recalls Nancy and sister Ann Wilson's memories of growing up in a military household -- and is written from the point of view of their father, a Marine Corps colonel, returning from war: "It was just this urge for us all to, y'know, just rock (laughs). And them we got into stuff like 'Fanatic' -- and 'Dear Old America' was one of the first ones we did. It just started painting itself from there. It's definitely an American story, 'cause that's who were are, too. And Vancouver's in there, too. There's a lot about being sort of a gypsy and having the traveling life, too."