When I saw this on Facebook the other day, I got a really good laugh out of it because Starbucks NEVER gets my name right. When you place your order for your coffee - or in my case a hot chocolate - the barista writes your name on the cup.

Most people spell my name, Karla, with a "C" instead of a "K." This happens all the time at Starbucks.  I can let that slide. Last Friday some girls around the office and I ordered Starbucks and they totally butchered our names.  The name on my cup was Carlo instead of Karla and Beth's name looked like Bertha.

Some incredible genius created a website the predicts how badly your Starbucks barista will misspell your name, it's called "What's My Starbucks Name?"

When I type my name into the box, Carlo did not come up.  Instead I was called Cinthea and my order would be an iced latte.  You can then click "That's not what I ordered" and try again or "Try a different Starbucks" to see what other name and drink you get.

It kills a few minutes if you're bored and if you've ever had this happen to you at a Starbucks, you'll get a good laugh.