You've seen TV weathermen, anchors, morning show hosts, etc. read off lists of viewer birthdays over the years. "Happy Birthday to Jimmy Smith from Sioux Falls who is 7 today, Jan Johnson from Tea is turning the big 4-0 and Myrtle Anderson from Parker is 100 today! Oh, and happy birthday to Hugh Janus!" Ummmm. What??

Yes, a TV anchor just kept reading the teleprompter when "Hugh Janus" came up on the screen. If it's still not making sense, say it out loud and make the 'a' in his last name like in 'Able'. Got it?

I was wondering if the next day the birthday list, was going to include names like Seymour Butts, Sharon Peter, Harry Beaver or of course, Richard Smoker, who goes by the nickname "Big Dick". Paging Richard Smoker!