Happy 65th Birthday today (March 26) to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler!

Tyler was born in Yonkers, New York and formed Aerosmith in 1970 with friend and songwriting partner Joe Perry.

Dubbed the 'Demon of Screamin', Tyler is one of the greatest singers in rock history, despite two very public battles with drugs and subsequent rehab stints. Drugs ultimately led to a breakup in the 80's of the original lineup of the band, and an unlikely pairing with rappers Run-DMC in 1986 on the Aerosmith hit Walk This Way led to a resurrection for the band that has carried them through today.

Tyler has a couple of famous offspring in their own rites: actress Liv Tyler and model Mia Tyler are daughters from his equally famous personal life.

Tyler gained a new legion of fans over the past couple of years as a judge on TV's American Idol as well.

Aerosmith continues to record (2012's Music From Another Dimension was a top 10 record) and tour.

Happy Birthday Steven!