Ask anyone who grew up on a farm and they will tell you it is a unique experience. From the animals to the fields to the early morning chores, farm life is one of the things that makes this country special.

Unique is also a good word to use to describe the individual experiences people had growing up on the farm. So, we asked our fans to tell us some of the experiences they remember growing up on a farm in South Dakota.


Marie Plueger - Saturday mornings with my dad...going to the hardware store the barbershop washing the car and then we would go to a little bakery and get the most amazing he does it with my 5 year old daughter and she loves it too!

Megan Corcoran - I loved playing in the shelter belt!

Winter Courchene - You always miss the smells!!

Christine Ohland - Tunneling thru the snow drifts and playing in the corn crib.


Tara Beth Wiekeraad - I loved playing in my grandparents hay mount! And when all the round bails were lined up, my cousins and I would jump from row to row.

Alicia Fisher-Maynard - I remember catching lots of small frogs by my aunt and uncle's dairy farm; when I was really little (5 yrs old) I remember playing in a plastic pool with my younger cousin and older brother (same farm)~on one of my cousins' farm in Firesteel (west river folks) I remember learning how to put a saddle on a horse and going out to the pasture, rounding up the cows so we can get them milked. ( I helped with the milking and clean up afterwards too. Was hard work, but was some of the Most enjoyable times of my life

Heather Knight-Reif - Playing in the silage pile!!

Lisa Stars - My dad would cut hay then put it into haystacks, then he would give me driving lessons and had to avoid hitting the haystacks but the kicker was he controlled the gas & brakes!


Allie Miller - We have chickens and goats right kids love going out and getting the eggs and playing with their favorite chickens. Nigel (our silkie) gets to come in when it gets too cold. He's a little spoiled.

Stephanie O'Donnell - Well I don't have one but my daughter who is 6 was running from some geese in my uncle barn and she slipped and landed in cow poo. She was not happy.

Jeremy Engel - Rounding up them cattle and movin them from one pasture to the other

Miranda Flugge - Falling through a hay stack and finding a dead raccoon on the way down

Carolyn Tracy - helping my dad with my two brothers digging the (cow poo) out of the barn, and then riding the tractor and seeing it fly everywhere in the fields.

Wayne L Oien - Playing Baseball in a cow pasture.


Mary Louise Dolney Brooks - I was about 12 years old with very long hair, i put my hair up in a bun to do chores. it had just rained very heavy, so i decided to do chores barefoot. our billy goat was in a pen to keep him separate from the does, i had to go into his pen to feed him and there was an electric fence run above the livestock panels, so i had to duck down to go under it, as i ducked the fence touched a bobby pin in my hair and the next thing i knew i was flat on my back in the mud, i guess the fencer was working well, needless to say i always make sure the fence is off, lol.

Kristi Nogelmeier - Chasing and then getting chased by the turkeys...and mutton bustin! I swear that sheep was 5 ft tall!

Ashley-Justin Davie - Making my cousin pee on a electric fence....

Jess Salmonson - I didn't grow up on a farm but kept my horse on a friends farm, so my best memory was going on my first cattle drive.

Victoria Swanson - I grew up on a farm and I'd have to say I can't pick just one favorite memory. Riding in the tractor with dad and being fascinated how he could make things grow. Or riding in the pastures checking cows and smelling the clean air. Or when it's calving season and watching a calf be born and laugh as it takes its first steps. Now I have my own children and I'm thankful I get to share these memories with them when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house!


Kelly Nielson - I remember helping grandpa move cattle from pasture to pasture and bottle feeding the calves!

Adam Peterson - Helping my Grandpa Rayman with his Gelbvieh cattle. Nothing better than moving cattle down the road on horseback!!! Right Matt McCormick.

  • Matt McCormick They are memories I will always keep with me.

Greg Machmiller - Milking cows by hand and giving the cats a squirt. Throwing hay down out of the loft into the calf yard and then slipping down a calf to see how long you could ride him.

Ryan Van Genderen - I remember being a little kid comming home from school and my dad along with my uncles would be cutting silage and we would run out and ride along in the truck.