Graham Nash is pushing for a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour in support of the long-awaited release of their 1974 live album set for release on August 27th. Nash would like nothing more than for than to play an extended series of date, telling Rolling Stone: "What do we do after this live album comes out? Do we just let it lie there and f***ing die, or do we do limited promotion? That's not cowardly, but that's not the way to do it. In my perfect world -- and I'm only talking about what I would do -- I would delay the release of this until the spring of 2014. I would ask David (Crosby) and Stephen (Stills) and Neil (Young) to take three months off their busy lives and go out on tour to promote this record."

Although both CSN and Neil Young will both be off the road by October, Nash added: "I have a feeling Neil is gonna want to take some time off after that. But how much fucking time do we have? I'm 71-years-old. I just want to let people know what great music we could make because drugs are out of the way now. Stephen and David are totally straight now, and so alive! It would be fantastic. That's what would happen in my perfect world."